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2020 Competition Squad

The AH Cowboys Competition team is for children that want to take cheering to the next level.  Our focus is on fine tuning cheers, jumps, stunts, dance skills and learning how to perform in front of a large audience. 
The competition team will compete in a minimum of two competitions during the fall season.  These teams will learn a specific routine that combines cheer, dance, jumps, tumbling, and stunting to be performed at the competitions. Stunting for these teams is more advanced (in line with guidelines established by the league) than what is learned in sideline cheer.   Other skills that will be focused on for the competitions are transitions, consistency, smiles and volume, synchronization, and jumps. 

Competition Teams:

Teams will be based on grade and number of girls registered per grade.    Teams can not be less than 6 girls, though at least 10 is most desirable.


The teams will be learning their dance and cheer (Making up most of the 2 minute routine) the week of July 20, 2020.  This is mandatory so that the teams can be ready to compete.  


Practices will start in late July and run through early December.  

Practices are mandatory.  We can not run the routine without everyone there.  If your child misses more than 3 practices, they may be pulled from the routine.  

The listing of practices is included below.  If a team is struggling with something, additional practices may be added.  While a majority of the practices are Wednesdays, please note there are several weekend practices.  

There are regular season competitions are included in your fees.  If your team makes it to State, that will be an additional fee and will be due the week after the bid to State is received by your team.

All teams are required to cheer at sideline games, with the schedule to be provided.   

The cheer and dance will be taught during camp in July.  This is a critical time so that the rest of the season is spent fine tuning and stunting. 


While tumbling is not required to be part of the Cowboys competition team, we can recommend several great programs to help your child learn/fine tune tumbling.  


Each team will be competing in 3 competitions this season.  DATES TO BE DETERMINED ONCE IRCA REGISTRATION IS COMPLETED

We will be competing in both the MAC Conference league (tied with our tackle football league) and the IRCA.  

We will provide competition dates as soon as possible.  We can not sign up for the competitions until they are opened in late June with the IRCA so we will not have dates until end of June.  We are also still waiting on the MAC Conference schedule.  All competitions will start late September through November.

The schedule and timing for the day of the competition is generally NOT available until Wednesday or Thursday of the week of the competition.  We understand that is hard to plan around, however we can not control when the event coordinators post the information.  We will share the information as soon as it is received.  

Day of competition schedule and logistics will be sent the week of the competition but is contingent on receiving the time your team is competing.   

What is included in the costs:

AH Cowboys parade t-shirt

Competition team t-shirt

Competition fees for regular season competitions


Cheering for 4-5 football games

Homecoming game TP night

Participation in the Memorial Day and 4th of July parades in Arlington Heights

Competition cheer bow

Cheer banquet in November

What is not included in the costs:

State competition fees – we do not charge these at sign up, we ask for them the week after your team gets a bid to State 

Shoes – we have picked the following shoes for our competition teams and the girls are expected to wear them to practice.  These shoes SHOULD NOT BE WORN OUTSIDE OF PRACTICE AND COMPETITIONS.  These should not be worn on the sideline for football games.

Uniform – this is an additional charge and will be something to select at sign up.  


Dates of the season:

Camp dates



Regular Season Practice Dates:





















11/25/2020 – After competitions – will be dependent on bids to State


12/2/2020 – After competitions – will be dependent on bids to State

 The State competition is the first weekend December.
Please see costs in registration at AHYAA.org.   Registration opens