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Our Arlington Cowboys Cheer Uniform will be provided for each cheerleader with a top and skirt with bloomers. Uniforms are NOT part of the registration fees.  Uniforms will be required during all football games.
  • Uniform $130 
  • Same across all sideline
  • Must be purchased at registration
  • Uniforms are yours to keep throughout the season and can be used for future seasons
  • Optional Track Jacket $85
  • Must be purchased at registration
  • Cheer Shoes will need to be purchased by each athlete on their own. 











Uniforms are NOT part of the registration fees and will not require an additional fee.  Uniforms will be shared for competitions only and must be returned, to prevent any additional fees. AHCC requires a $150 Uniform Deposit for the use of our Competition Cheerleading Uniform. This uniform consists of a top and skirt with bloomers.
This deposit covers the cost in the event that the uniform is not returned or is returned in a manner in which it can no longer be used to include staining and/or destruction of the uniform. If either is the case the deposit check will be cashed and used to purchase a new uniform. If the uniform is returned in good condition you will receive your deposit back in full.






Cheerleaders shall wear their full competition uniform to all competitions. It is the responsibility of the cheerleader to ensure that the uniform is kept clean.
  • Hair should be up, with our cheer bow, and to coach’s specifications, prior to arriving at all competitions.
  • Cheer shoes must be worn during competitions. Please do not wear your cheer shoes outside or to any other events in an effort to keep them perfectly white and clean.
  • No jewelry, nail polish, or glitter is permitted for competitions due to the chance of disqualification.