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Saturday, May 21st from 10am - 1pm

Frontier Park 1933 N Kennicott Dr, Arlington Heights


We are excited to offer an in-person fitting with “Varsity Spirit” at Frontier Park!!

Sign up for available time slots here.

We will be fitting athletes along with our “Varsity Spirit” representative. They will be fitting your athlete for the applicable:

  1. Sideline uniforms for K/1st graders 

    1. Flaggie (K/1st) uniforms were not part of the registration cost, as they are “rented/borrowed”; we will need to take your athletes’ measurements on May 21st to get a size estimate of what we need to add to our stock.  Uniforms will be handed out once received, at a designated practice. Please note, uniforms may be larger than noted due to athletes needing to add layers underneath in the colder months.

  2. Sideline uniforms for 2nd /8th Grade

    1. Sideline Uniforms are purchased at registration; confirmed to measurements provided at registration, on May 21st and delivered, once received, at a designated practice

  3. Competition Uniforms for 2nd /8th Grade

    1. Competition uniforms were not part of the registration cost; a deposit is required upon receipt and will be given back at the end of season once the uniform is returned in good condition; measurements will be taken on May 21st and delivered at a designated practice

  4. Cheerleader Shoe

    1. Shoes will be available to order on May 21st through “Varsity Spirit”, if needed

      1. Flaggies (K/1st) need white sneakers/tennis shoes; cheer shoes are not required

      2. Sideline (2nd and Up) and All Competition teams will need to wear Cheer Shoes