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This is a 100% volunteer organization. To ensure the Cowboys Cheerleading Program runs smoothly we rely on volunteers.  Each family participating in the program is required to volunteer for one of the committees listed below.  If for some reason we do not have enough volunteers to fill some essential roles, you may be asked to change your volunteer job. 

When registering your cheerleader you will be required to choose a volunteer opportunity from the listing below and commit to fundraising.  If you can not fulfill these requirements during the season for any reason, you will be required to pay the listed fees. All cheerleaders are required to fundraise.  Any families choosing not to fundraise will be required to pay $125. If you choose not to volunteer, you will be charged a $50.00 fee payable to AHYAA. 


Team Admin- This is the most important role of them all. Ideally we would like 2 parents per squad. These people are responsible for providing information (calls and emails) to the squad and Cheer Board. You will help run the games, be a leader and support role for the kids, and provide feedback related to coaches to the Board.  You must be at every game (this is why we want 2 per squad so one of you can make the game) - you have the binder with the medical information for the cheerleaders and first aid kit. We are looking for POSITIVE & OPEN MINDED people to help fill these positions.

Cheer Admin – Volunteers in this group will check in the cheerleaders at an assigned practice during camp or the season.  Volunteers will need to be at practice 10 minutes early for the day they are volunteering.

4th of July Committee - This group handles all aspects of the parade festivities: Getting us entered into the lineup for the 4th of July Parade, sending out emails to all the kids walking in the parade to bring candy to throw, making signs for cars, gathering trucks for the little cheerleaders to ride in and wagons to carry our water bottles.  Volunteers are also requested to walk with the kids during the parade.

Homecoming Committee - This group is responsible for organizing a fun time for their squad during homecoming and organizing the car parade.  Fun activities should be planned for this weekend by team ie: decorating cars, planning a car parade around the field, special snacks, tattoos/face paint/spraypainting hair tp'ing houses, planning a sleep under, balloons at field, flowers for the kids to be handed out at half time, etc.  The kids having fun together is the best kind of team building! This takes creative people who want to have fun!!

Picture Day Committee - This group handles the coordination of the picture day schedule. Making sure each cheerleader receives order forms and must be present during picture day. During picture day volunteers will keep teams together while waiting for pictures.

Banquet Committee - This group handles all aspects of the end of the season banquet.  Phone calls to local halls to get pricing, calling local DJ's to get pricing, decorations, picture slide show, set up, clean up and work with the Cheer Board on ideas.

Apparel Committee - This group handles distribution of Spirit Wear orders.

Fundraising Committee - This group handles the coordination of the receipt of fundraising information and the delivery of the items to the cheerleaders.

Photo Journalists – We are looking for a team of 2 - 3 parents to ensure that all of our major memories are captured and shared!  We would like someone to stop by all of the major events of the season (homecoming, sideline and competition camp, community service projects, banquet, etc.) and at least two games per team to take pictures with a non-phone camera.  These will be used on the website and the banquet.  The expectation is that these responsibilities can be split and shared by a team.