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Coaches Application: http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/10568/CHEER COACH APPLICATION.pdf


  1. I understand that I am to arrive 15 minutes beforeall games and practices.  
  2. I understand that I am to be properly dressed for all games and practices. (Cheerleading shirt, athletic shorts/pants & gym shoes)
  3. I understand that if I am not properly dressed that I will be sent home.
  4. I understand that my presence and positive attitude is required at all practices and games.
  5. I understand that there must be two coaches at every game and practice for the safety of the cheerleaders.
  6. I understand that if a situation arises and I cannot attend practice that I will notify the appropriate person to let them know.
  7. I understand that if a situation arises and I cannot attend a game that I will find a substitute to take my place, I will contact the squad administrator and the appropriate director to let them know who is taking my place.
  8. I understand that continuously missing practices or games may jeopardize my position as a coach.
  9. I understand that I am a role model for all of the squads.
  10. I understand that my conduct must be respectful of others, exercise good sportsman ship and follow the rules and regulations of this organization.
  11. I understand that I am representing the Arlington Cowboys Cheerleading program at all times.

What is expected of me as a Cowboys Cheerleading Coach!

  1. I will be at every practice and every game, unless I have an authorized excuse and have made everyone aware
  2. I will be on time for every practice and every game
  3. I will be properly dressed for games and practices (we can discuss other appropriate attire)
    1. Cowboys Shirt
    2. Athletic Shorts/Pants
    3. Gym Shoes
  4. I will maintain the proper attitude with my squad
    1. Show respect to EVERYONE
    2. Exercise good sportsmanship
    3. Follow the rules
  5. During practices and games I will be responsible for the safety of my squad  
  6. I will take full advantage of practice time (we can go over a plan of attack for practice schedules)
    1. No chatting with other coaches
    2. No sitting down
  7. I will be respectful when people are addressing the group during practices, games, and meetings
  8. I understand the following are NOT allowed
    1. Cell phones during practices and games
    2. Gum/candy during practices and games
    3. Flip flops or anything other than gym shoes
    4. Really short shorts
    5. Jewelry
    6. Socializing during practices and games
    7. Stunting during rain/bad weather
  9. I will remember that the importance of Cowboys Cheerleading is to
    1. Teach the fundamentals of cheerleading
    2. Create positive attitudes
    3. Build self confidence
    4. Be a role model for younger cheerleaders and coaches


Cheerleading Team Lead Responsibilities

    1. Focus on technique and motions
    2. SAFETY – make sure stunting is done correctly
    3. Dance – choreograph innovative, fun, and age appropriate dances
    4. PROGRESS – bring the Cowboys to a new level of cheer – COMPETITION
    1. Act as the role model for the coaches
    2. Primary go-to person for the coaches
    3. Work with the squad admins
    4. Be energetic, positive, and assertive
  3. Design Warmup – 15 minutes to be repeated at each practice and before games
    1. Basic Stretching
    2. Create 4 counts of 8 of arm motions and techniques
    3. Teach and review jumps
  4. Teach your coaches and group core cheers
    1. 20 cheers for 1, 2/3
    2. 30 cheers for 4-4
    3. 40 cheers for 5/6, 7/8
  5. Make up and teach new cheers weekly (2-3 per week)
  6. Sub for any squad as needed
  7. Attend each practice and assist coaches in your group as needed
  8. Help choreograph half time routines
  9. Come up with innovative ways to improve Cowboy Cheerleading
  10. Help assist coaches with team bonding exercises
  11. Lead and assist with homecoming activities
  12. Work directly with the Cheer Board
  13. Give weekly updates to the cheer board on how your squads are doing. Specifically-
    1. What was learned at practice
    2. What the squad will do the following week
    3. Any issues/ concerns
  14. Attend 1 game of your team weekly
  15. CELEBRATE!! – Celebrate the teams′ accomplishments, reward their hard work, and make this a great Cowboy year!!
  16. Arrive at practice 30 minutes early
  17. Work with your team for 15 minutes on the goals of the day. Be ready and preparedto start on time!

Cheer Coach Responsibilities

  1. Punctual
    1. Arrive at practice 30 minutes early
    2. Arrive at games 20 minutes early
    3. If you miss a game or practice, advance notice is required
    4. If you miss 2 or more practices without approval or games, the board has the right to revoke your position as cheer coach and pay you for only the time that you spent performing your duties
  2. Dress appropriately
    1. Hair up
    2. No jewelry
    3. Minimal makeup
    4. Cowboy cheer attire
  5. Responsibility for entire group warm ups and stretching at practices will be shared by all coaches and a schedule will be created.  If you can not lead on your assigned day, a replacement must be found.
  6. Take cheering seriously at every age level
    1. Prepare a list of cheers that the kids know and repeat them
    2. Appoint a single cheer captain at every game
    3. Only 2 – 5 minute breaks are allowed per game
    4. This includes the younger squads
    5. Focus on arms/ techniques/ motions/jumps
    6. Challenge the kids
  7. Work with your leads weekly on new cheers and assist them in instruction
  8. Perfect the cheers with your team
  9. Make up a weekly half time routine and dance
  10. Work with the team leads for homecoming and performance routines
  11. Think out of the box and help improve the program
  12. Act as a role model for the kids-
    1. Be positive, upbeat, energetic, and PATIENT
    2. The kids watch your every move. Remember that you have a significant impact on them!!
  13.  Be ready and prepared to start