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Thank you for enrolling your daughter/son in the Arlington Heights Cowboy Cheer Program. We are very excited to have them be a part the group. Our program is for any girl or boy in the Arlington Heights area in grades 1-8 that is interested in becoming a cheerleader.

 What we expect from our cheerleaders - 100% commitment. What does this mean? We are an instructional cheerleading organization that teaches the cheerleaders the fundamentals of being on a squad (cheers, chants, stunts, pyramids, jumps and more). We expect the cheerleaders to be committed to making the season exciting and fun. Every child is a vital member of the squad, with that being said, he/she is undeniably one of the most important ingredients in creating a cohesive team. Practices are required because missing one puts an undue hardship on the rest of the squad. Our squads perform (sun, rain or snow) for the Arlington Heights Cowboys Football Teams. Games are played in the BGYFL league and are held locally from August to November. 

What we expect from our coaches - 100% commitment. What does this mean? We expect the coaches to be all in. Each coach is selected during a try out process which consists of 3 areas – interview, dance and cheer. We expect them to be on time to every practice, game, meeting, etc. They need to demonstrate the ability to teach each child the fundamentals of cheerleading while practicing safety. Good attitudes are a must! We want the coaches to create positive attitudes, build self confidence in our cheerleaders and be a role model for the children.

What we expect from our parents - 100% support. What does this mean? The Cheer Board is a 100% volunteer organization and we all have full time jobs. We do this because we love cheerleading and want to develop a strong program for the children of our community. We need your support to make this program work. Each of you signed up for job code when your registered your son or daughter. Thank you!! We appreciate and welcome the help. Please keep the following in mind.

  • We have a cheer clinic in the summer for both sideline and competitive cheerleading.
  • There may be additional practices added to the season if the coaches feel the squad needs them. Please understand this is not to put you out, it is to make the squad more in sync with one another.
  • The Cowboy cheerleaders cheer in all weather including rain and snow. It is your responsibility to make sure your child is dressed appropriately. The AHYAA has a policy that we have to adhere to (“Lighting Rule” - At first sight exit the field and take cover for 20 min. If no other lighting in 20 min, resume play. If more lighting occurs within 20 minutes the game is called).
  • If you have an issue with a coach, please address this with the Cheer Director only.

The Cheer Board