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  1. Where are practices held?             

Practices will be held at the gym at Frontier Park for the 2020 season !

  1. What should my child bring to practice?              

Kids should be dressed in comfortable clothes and gym shoes.  Every kid should bring a water bottle.They will be doing a lot of physical activity and the gym gets warm.Please do not have your child bring ipods/phones/etc. unless necessary.There are a lot of kids running around and we can not guarantee that they will not get lost or broken.There is a lost and found for anything left behind.

  1. Why is volunteering mandatory?          

This is a 100% volunteer organization. One parent from each family must volunteer to help the program run effectively.If you choose not to volunteer, you will be charged a $50.00 fee to AHYAA.  You can choose to not volunteer at registration and pay the fee during registration.

  1. Where are the games played?               

Games are played at Pioneer Park for Flaggies (first graders) and Sunset Meadows Park for the rest of the teams.If a game is not at one of those parks, the location of the game will be listed in the schedule.

  1. When will the game schedule for the season be available?            

We get our game schedule from the Cowboys football organization.These are generally not finalized until mid to late August.As soon as we get the game listing, we will upload teams’ schedule for the season on the website.

  1. How many breaks should teams be taking during the game?            

Breaks are at the determination of the coaches based on the heat, weather, age of team, etc.No more than a couple of quick water breaks should be expected.To keep the team breaks short and so that the cheerleaders can keep cheering, please keep snacks to half time and ensure that your cheerleader is back in sidelines when the coaches are calling for them at the second half.

  1. What are the requirements on stunting?           

Stunting is based on the team age, level, and participation (number of childrens) for safety reasons.There are set requirements for what type of stunting can be completed by age group.If it has been raining and the grass is wet, teams will not be stunting, as it may be slippery.

  1. Do we cheer in the rain?         

Yes!If the football players are playing we are cheering.It would be a good idea to pick up some pocket ponchos or a poncho for your child to put in her bag so that she is always ready.Cheerleaders can not hold umbrellas on the sidelines.

  1. Will we cheer at playoff games?          

As we get farther in the season, we will let the cheerleaders know if their team is slated to cheer at playoff games.These games will be announced week to week as the football teams progress.

  1. Why is my child a flyer? A base? A spotter? Tumbling?          

All teams will have children of different levels and capabilities.The coaches will make the decision on which children are doing what type of stunting based on those capabilities.All of the stunting positions are critical to providing a safe stunting environment and each child should take pride in the position that they are given.

  1. What/when is Homecoming?                   

The Homecoming games are determined by the Cowboys football organization.As soon as they provide the dates, we will let the teams and homecoming parents know so that they can get the festivities started.This is a fun time for the children to come together as a team and really show their spirit.Teams will make banners for the football players to run through, decorate cars for a parade around the field, face paint, etc. These are all activites that are planned by the parents of each team (every team will do something different)

  1. Is fundraising mandatory?              

Every family must fundraise during the season.The fundraising committee works hard to find things that are easy and fun to sell.

  1. What if I don’t want to fundraise?             

Any cheerleader can opt out of fundraising, however there is a $125 fee for to opt out.This can be paid at registration or during the fundraising time period.If the fee is not paid, your child will not be allowed to cheer until it is paid.

  1. What kind of shoes does my cheerleader need to wear?           

We do not require a specific type of cheer shoe for sideline cheer. We only require that the children wear all white gym shoes. Competitive teams will require specific cheer shoes.

  1. I see the children playing games during practice, why are they not learning cheers?          

We are asking the children to learn a lot during practice: the cheers (words, movement, etc.)Games give them a much needed break to let it sink in.The games also let the children have some fun with the rest of their team which helps to build friendships and teamwork. Sometimes this will serve as an ice breaker or as a treat when the children have been working very hard.

  1. Is there a competition squad?            

Yes.See link on the website.

  1. What if I have a question on coaching or how my child’s team is being coached?              

All of our coaches are high school and college aged people. We strive to make the program a positive learning and growing experience for our coaches as well as our cheerleaders.The coaches go through training and have specific guidelines that they follow based on the age/grade of their team.Please bring any concerns and constructive criticism to a Board member either through emailing or reaching out to us at practice.Please do not confront the coaches at a game or practice.They are growing and learning as well and it is critical that they are in a constructive, safe environment.

  1. What happens at the banquet?            

The banquet is an end of season party where the children and coaches are recognized for all of the hard work they have done during the season. Kids receive trophies and awards.There is a DJ and lots of dancing.The kids generally dress up though it is not required. The banquet is to celebrate the children and make them shine.